The team identifies risk factors while establishing cleaning and disinfection protocols

Developed by a multidisciplinary team, our plan to create and maintain a safe environment for patients, healthcare workers, hospital staff and visitors also allows input from infection control experts, healthcare workers, and personnel with expertise beyond clinical end-users.

Our healthcare clients receive:

  • Approved cleaning processes
  • Industry-accepted best practices
  • Safety regulations requiring EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants

Terminal cleaning

Performed in surgical procedure rooms, scrub, and utility areas, this includes:

  • surgical lights and external tracks
  • fixed and ceiling-mounted equipment
  • all furniture
  • wheels and casters
  • equipment
  • handles of cabinets and push plates
  • ventilation faceplates
  • horizontal surfaces (tops of counters and fixed shelving)
  • the entire floor

Each year, thousands of surgical and invasive medical procedures are performed just in Whatcom County

Every procedure involves contact by a medical device or surgical instrument with a patient’s tissue or mucous membranes. These procedures carry the risk of introduction of pathogens that may cause infection. Failure to properly disinfect or sterilize equipment as well as the surgical environment carries risks associated with the transmission of infectious pathogens.

Disinfection is essential to ensuring the environment for medical and surgical procedures does not promote the transmission of infectious pathogens to patient or healthcare workers.

At the locally-owned and operated ServiceMaster Restore of northwest Washington, we are fully licensed to provide janitorial services for medical facilities in Whatcom County. Our focus is the healthcare industry, and our experience and expertise show in our 100% satisfaction rating.

Our team is certified and capable of handling jobs of any scope and size. Infection Control Procedure for Cleaning Operating Rooms is an evidence-based cleaning system. This system has been developed through research, recommended best practices, and guidelines developed in alignment with AORN and CDC recommendations.

Terminal cleaning focuses on cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces to create a clean and healthy environment to allow safe patient healing.

We have been serving Whatcom County since 1991.

To learn more about our practices and procedures, how we serve the healthcare industry, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.