Recovering from a Flooded Business

Nearly a year later, many businesses were still trying to return to business as usual in Bragg Creek, Canada after nearby Highwood River burst over its banks. The event knocked out power, water (ironic I know) and roads. And it left most businesses wondering how to recover after basements filled and water flowed feet-deep at street level.

In times like these, you need to have a plan. Since returning to your business is not going to be possible for some time, being able to set up a “hot site” somewhere, anywhere, is essential. It’s from here that you can communicate with your insurance company, your employees, your trade partners and even your customers. Providing some reassurance that the business will continue to move forward will assuage your trade partners, lessen the chances that employees will abandon ship, and ensure your insurance company can act more quickly with you involved.

Your insurance company is likely going to call in the services of well-equipped and well-trained disaster recovery specialists like ServiceMaster in quickly to minimize the damage as much as possible. Flood recovery technicians will utilize air movers, dehumidifiers, diesel water pumps and deodorizing units in their efforts to mitigate damage. They will also be able to begin cleaning and sanitizing the building as well.

Being able to pack out flood-damaged furniture and equipment to be cleaned, dried, deodorized and stored off-site is another benefit of utilizing a disaster recovery service like ServiceMaster.

While we hope you never find yourself in the position of the many businesses in Bragg Creek, we hope that if you do your insurance company will do you the favor of calling the best team to get your business back on its feet, ServiceMaster Clean by Roth serving all of Whatcom County.