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Commercial Packout and Storage

Packout and content storage services from ServiceMaster Restore can help ease the stress during a restoration project. If you were to become a victim of an unfortunate disaster, the professionally trained technicians from Servicemaster Clean by Roth will carefully manage your facility with attentive care and store your equipment and belongings in a secured and safe storage facility to prevent further damages from occurring.

Packout Services

In the event of a water or fire disaster, to prevent further damage it may be necessary to have the business furnishings, equipment, and personal belongings removed from the property in order for the restoration process, construction repairs or the drying process to be allowed to begin. This process is known as a “packout.”

Conducting a packout allows us to relocate the facility’s contents to a safe location in Bellingham, WA in order to prevent further damages and to allow further cleanup and remediation of the entire area without obstacles. ServiceMaster Restore’s trained specialists will provide an assessment of the property, search for trouble areas that may need attention prior to the packout. During the packout, our technicians will carefully handle and transport your belongings to the storage facility with extreme attentiveness.

The Packout Process

We realize that every business and disaster is uniquely different and our technicians are trained to adapt our packout services to provide you with an efficient and quality service you can trust. The steps in our process include the following:

  • The entire packout process will be documented via video and photographs. Having documentation of the content we’ve placed in storage will ensure that all items we’ve handled will return back to their owners after the restoration process is completed.
  • Items we suggest to omit from packout services: Money, checks or checkbooks, personal documents, credit cards, medications, jewelry, and valuable collections of collectibles.
  • We address items that demand special attention such as: valuable heirlooms, photographs, artwork, work materials, rugs, and any other items that you request special attention for.
  • Packing materials, boxes, and other supplies will be used to package belongings and content, as well as protect furnishings during transport and storage.
  • Once all the possessions you wish to be included in the packout services are boxed, inventoried and ready for transport, we will issue a hardcopy of the inventory list containing all the items that are ready to be sent into storage. Our team will then haul your items to our storage facility for safekeeping until restoration services are finished.
  • At ServiceMaster Restore we use an exclusive computer tracking system for your items that are being sent into storage. This system enables us to track your belongings and their location starting from the initial packout service, to the storage facility, and back to your home or office.
  • We will then apply restoration services to damaged belongings and furnishings. Content restoration includes odor neutralization, repairs, and cleaning services. After we restore the content, items will be repacked for storage until further notice.
  • In the events where certain items may be non-restorable, they will be documented, inventoried, and stored if desired.
  • All items in the packout service will then be placed back into storage, waiting for restoration and reconstructions services to be finished in order to return your items back your property.
Service Master Trucks in front of Bellingham, WA home

Packout Storage Facility

Qualified and Professional Trained Technicians
Use of Specialized Cleaning Chemicals, Restoration Equipment, and Tools
Climate Controlled Storage Facility
Ozone Chamber for Odor Removal and Neutralization
Lab Dedicated to Clean and Restore Damaged Content

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